Pomegranate, 9x9"Through The Back Garden, 23x34"Passion Fruit, 14x18" (Sold)Mustard Jar, 23x40"Cotton & Damselfly, 12x16" (Sold)Fawn, 24x13" (Sold)Meadow Mushrooms, 16x20" (Sold)Banksiapods & Lesser Goldfinches, 14x18"Rosehips & Fossil, 12x9" (Sold)Parrot Feather and Robin's Egg, 5x7" (Sold)Oyster Mushroom and Grapeleaf, 8x10" (Sold)Orchids and Antlers, 24x18" (Sold)Monarch and Etrog, 14x18" (Sold)Milkweed and Monarch, 11x14" Fossil and Rosehips, 9x12" (Sold)Bulbul and Ladybug, 24x18" (Sold)Bittersweet, 11x14" (Sold)Aspen and Hummingbird, 8x10" (Sold)Shorty, 6x6" (Sold)Swallows, 30x48"The Guardians, 16x20" Cactus Skeleton and Hummingbird, 14 x 18" (Sold)Pomegranates 11x14"Loma Vista "18x14" (Sold)Grey Cockatiel "18x14"Passion Flower "12x9" (Sold)Dreaming fawn, 15x9"


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